Welcome to Oaks Kitchen & Garden

We’d love to share our knowledge of Southeast Asian cuisine with you

We’d love to share our knowledge of Southeast Asian cuisine with you.

Created by Ben Wallace & Rachael Boon

Set in four acres of the lush natural surroundings of Oak Beach, Queensland, we’ve developed a working garden to grow the vast array of organic produce that we use. Ranging from Thai eggplant to kaffir lime, we use what is available and seasonal.

Oaks Kitchen and Garden was created by Ben Wallace and Rachael Boon who have spent their lives immersed in Southeast Asian cuisine and culture. Their passion for cooking a diverse and interesting menu will influence you to develop your own fondness for fresh, seasonal food.

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Our Philosophy

We’ve created a space to not only teach you about the delights of Southeast Asian cooking but to showcase the abundance of produce that Queensland has to offer.

​At Oaks Kitchen and Garden we hope to instill knowledge of seasonal ingredients and how fulfilling cooking with local produce can be. We want you to walk away with newly developed skills and inspiration to explore diverse cuisines.

The Kitchen

We’ve built this beautifully fresh outdoor cooking area to allow you to indulge in the surroundings. From the sweet smell of jasmine to the warm Queensland air.

The Garden

Our garden is constantly evolving. We have almost two dozen mango trees, kaffir lime trees, and a host of Southeast Asian herbs and vegetables.

We are always experimenting with the foods we love and we hope you enjoy yourself in our lush grounds.


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