The Property & Garden

0aks Kitchen & Garden is an outdoor cooking school experience with a Southeast Asian style garden located on the hill side of Oak Beach. 15min south of Port Douglas & 45min north of Cairns.

Oaks Kitchen & Garden was created by Ben Wallace and his wife Racheal Boon with the idea of having a Southeast Asian cooking school surrounded by native produce.

Traveling through Thailand and Southeast Asia has been a ongoing adventure that Ben and Rachael share every year. They love the bustling energy and eclectic food that line the streets. Experiencing Thai culture is constant joy and they look forward  to experiencing and tasting new things whenever they travel.

We incorporate a mix of our own produce available on the property and the best available offerings from the market and local farmers.


Benjamin Wallace - Chef

Ben has spent most of his cooking career around the Melbourne restaurant scene. He first moved to Melbourne to work at the esteemed Thai restaurant Longrain, where he was the Sou Chef for three years. He then progressed to Sous Chef at the hatted Thai restaurant, Easy Tiger, while also holding regular cooking classes and demonstrations at South Melbourne Market for four years.

In 2012 Ben was Electrolux State Finalist Young Chef of the Year.

Moving to Queensland offered the opportunity to create a piece of Southeast Asia in his own backyard. Teaming up with wife, Rachael, they brought their four acre property up to the garden sanctuary it is today - brimming with native herbs and Southeast Asian fruits and vegetables.

Rachael Boon - Gardener

Rachael has been living and breathing Thai culture since day one. Her family owned and operated some of Port Douglas's best Thai restaurants and Rachael grew up right in the middle of it. 

She's spent most of her 20's traveling and working in Sydney and Melbourne. While settling in Melbourne for a number of years, she developed her skills in horticulture and always maintained a thriving urban garden. 

Rachael is also an avid painter and has held stalls at the Port Douglas Market.

Rachael Boon
Ben Wallace