Group Thai cooking class

In this class you will learn how to make a selection of Thai dishes, classic & modern, from salads, relishes

to curries. This class is suitable for all skill levels - whether you've worked in a professional kitchen or can barely boil water we look forward to teaching you simple and delicious cooking skills.

All classes are intimate and we welcome you to ask questions as to create an open discussion around food, sustainability, and Southeast Asian culture.

If you have any allergies or are a  vegan or vegetarian please get in touch prior to booking. If you would like to know more about the menu  do get in touch.

We are also BYO.


Every Tuesday Classic & Modern Thai

Start time: 2:00pm

Finish time: 5:30pm

Thursdays class dates

28th January

11th February

25th March

15th April

13th May

3rd June

8th July

26th August

16th September

14th October

4th November

Start time: 2:00pm

Finish time: 5:30pm   |   07 4098 5383   |   Lot 3, 11-13 Nancy Close, Oak Beach, QLD 4877 | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy